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        Established in 1988

        Our major products as follows

        “Quality first, honest first, insist on innovation and cultivation” is our principle


        The workstation is detecting device, mainly composed of high pressure detecting station, low pressure detecting station and robot conveying station. The main function of the workstation is to detect the air tightness of the engine cylinder main oil channel or the engine cylinder low pressure oil channel.
        Workstation Advantages:
        1.Security, safety fence, safety lock and interlock protection system, triple protection.
        2.Adopt fexible design concept, can correspond to diferent types of detection.
        3.The workstation is designed and manufactured according to the standard of FIAT world-class factory.

        Auto auto carpet pro..

        Integrating the process of feeding,heating,throwing,molding,foaming,cutting,finished product transporting into one automatic production line.

        Mobile robot

        The combination of robots, vision and mobile platforms can provide almost a mobile solution for all usage. The mobile robot, coupled with the total control system platform, can form a "intelligent laboratory".

        Parallel gripper

        Parallel Gripper: with 2 jaws and 3 jaws. Special material with a self-locking function of the structure, the operate cycle can up to 3 million times, the maximum clamping force up to 1000N. Widely used in metal manufacturing industry, robot assembling and testing, food, pharmaceutical ,aerospace and so on.

        Why do you choose us?

        The quality of the 30 year professional products has won the high recognition and appreciation of the users.
        Kraton is take the quality as the core, the leading brand of service innovation industry
           Sales phone:4008-989-132

        Products and Applications

        30 years of product development and production, has provided automatic production line equipment for more than 3000 customers
        • Automotive
        • Motorcycle Industry
        • Intelligent equipment

        Company introduction


        “Our company was established in 1988, located at beautiful & rich high developing economy Pearl River triangle zone Guangzhou city. It covers more than 6,000m2, and with construction area of about 4000m2, and with fixed asset of about 10 million RMB. The Company has more than 200 employees, of which senior, middle and junior technicians occupied over 50%. It adopts advanced scientific technology information and medium-networks, and it was a professional manufacture company, which can design, develop and manufacture kinds of checking...。



        FOCUS NEWS

        Automatic production line for carpet, the design of this production line adopts the most advanced European technology, the main supporting BMW main carpet production, using coil automatic cutting, au..

        Automatic production..

        Independent research and development of the automa...

        Brilliance BMW added..

        Add brilliance BMW production line: 1) infrared he...

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